I am using Windows 10 and have installed a 64 bit version of Office. I cannot for the best of my life remember having installed a 32 bit version as well. However, when I open the Start Menu, I find two Excel entries, one labeled just Excel, the other labeled Excel 2016.

When I open the Excel entry and use the VBA conditional compiler directive constants Win32 and Win64 to determine the bitness of Excel, I unexpectedly find that the Excel that I am running is a 32 Bit version. However, If I open the Excel 2016 entry, and determine the bitness of Excel, this time, I find it to be 64 bit.

Furthermore, when I try to find out the executed exe with a right mouse click on either the Excel or Excel 2016 entry, I am only presented with a Open file location on the Excel 2016 entry. The Excel entry seems to be missing this option.

I am very confused what's going on here and would appreciate any help for clearing this up to me.

As per harrymc's request, the first three lines of File > Account > About Excel in the 32 bit version read

MicrosoftⓇ ExcelⓇ for Office 365 MSO (16.0.11727.20222) 32-bit
Product ID: 00338-91691-45894-AA859
Session ID: 81A6FBD9-F409-4AD9-ABDF-C441C271B6A3

those for the 64 bit version read

MicrosoftⓇ ExcelⓇ für Office 365 MSO (16.0.11727.20222) 64-Bit
Product ID: 00338-91691-45894-AA859
Sitzungs-ID: 10A62CF3-8C54-44A1-B26F-8074DC35812E
  • Could you for both Excel versions go into File > Account > About Excel and include the upper 3 lines in your post. – harrymc Jul 31 at 13:04

From the information of “About Excel”, it seems you have installed Office 365 in two different languages. One is English version 32-bit and another is German version 64-bit.

You can verify this in “Control Panel” -> “Program and Features”, then maybe you will find two Office 365 application. Such as:

enter image description here

You can delete the redundant software by right click then choose “Uninstall”.

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