When I start my computer, either Microsoft Excel or Word starts automatically with an empty page. I think it's the program I've opened last. I've removed and reïnstalled Office completely, this didn't help.

Places I've checked:

  • Task Manager > Startup
  • These folders on my computer:
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
%HOMEPATH%\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  • These places in the registry:


Nowhere is there any trace of Excel or Word. Still, when I start my computer, Excel/Word does too. How can I stop this from happening without removing Office?

The version is Office ProPlus from Office 365.

Update: @SavGuard, pointed me to autoruns.exe from sysinternal tools. It found the following autorun entry:

ClickToRunSvc   Microsoft Office Click-to-Run Service: ‪Manages resource coordination, background streaming, and system integration of Microsoft Office products and their related updates. This service is required to run during the use of any Microsoft Office program, during initial streaming installation and all subsequent updates.‬  Microsoft Corporation   c:\program files\common files\microsoft shared\clicktorun\officeclicktorun.exe  2019-06-26 02:28    

I've disabled this and rebooted, but this didn't fix the problem.

  • What happens, if you remove the content of the startup folders? Is there anything there that could start Excel (ex: a script or something)? – cybernetic.nomad Jul 31 '19 at 20:27
  • There's nothing there. – John Stoneman Jul 31 '19 at 20:28
  • 1
    Pls convert to a comment. (not enough Reputation) Have u check the system with autoruns.exe from sysinternal tools? Have the emtpy sheet a name? What happend if you edit and save? It is next time empty? – SavGuard Jul 31 '19 at 20:53
  • @JohnStoneman,, which Version of Windows you are using I guess windows 10 !! – Rajesh S Aug 1 '19 at 6:39
  • 1
    This does not sound like it is caused by Microsoft Office. Have you checked the setting in “Settings > Accounts > Sign-in Options” that says (among onther things) “reopen my apps after restart”? See here: howtogeek.com/396884/… – StarCat Aug 2 '19 at 7:27

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