I want to post-process the text of multiple mails that appear in my Outlook search results. Ideally I would be able to copy & paste the mails appearing in the search results into an Excel workbook or a simple text or CSV file.

What I have tried until now: When having the list of desired mails in the results pane, I hit Ctrl+A to select all mails. Then I copy via Ctrl+C and then I paste via Ctrl+V into an Excel workbook. However, this only pastes the fields From, Subject, Received, Size, and Categories. I would also need the content of the mail.

Hence my question is: Is it possible to get the content of mails appearing in Outlook search results in a processable manner (e.g., Excel workbook, CSV file)?


Outlook doesn't provide any builtin functions for that. So, you'll either need to write a VBA macro or use the third-party tool (I can recommend one if you need).

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