I am trying to run a task on log on only if the computer is idle. I can also achieve what I want if I can run the task with one idle trigger and make sure it only runs once per system start up to stop it repeatedly starting the script every time the system is idle.

OS: windows 10 1903 task scheduler 1.0

  • run a task on log on only if the computer is idle... Huh? How would that condition ever be met? – I say Reinstate Monica Aug 1 at 14:39
  • run on log on trigger is met then check for idle trigger if both = true run task – medic17 Aug 1 at 14:41
  • I don't think the on idle trigger would ever be true during logon. – I say Reinstate Monica Aug 1 at 17:18
  • That's the point. I want the script to run only once per log on and only if idle. – medic17 Aug 1 at 19:21
  • So you never want it to run? Or only after logon, when the computer becomes idle? Because during the logon sequence, the computer will never reach an idle state to trigger an on idle scheduled task. You can configure the logon trigger to have a set delay of X minutes, but not a variable time based on interactions with the system. – R-D Aug 1 at 19:48

So apparently I was a little dumb. The option I was looking for was under conditions called "start the task only if the computer is idle for X minutes". So I just used a trigger for log on of any user and this condition and it did what I wanted.

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