I have been trying to take a backup using the CLI using putty of my sonicwall but facing issues. I have logged into the router fine using putty, and found here 

https://www.sonicwall.com/support/knowledge-base/how-to-export-settings-from-cli-5-9-6-1-6-2/170505364083667/ how a backup should be taken and sent to an ftp server.But the command comes back with an error in the command -

export current-config cli scp scp://....................................

It says No matching command found under the 'current-config' part.

I am currently using -

admin@C0EAE41B3FCC> show version
firmware-version "SonicOS Enhanced"
model "TZ 215"
serial-number C0EA-E456-C6DC
system-time "08/02/2019 13:04:29.272"
system-uptime "0 Days, 22 Hours, 48 Minutes, 40 Seconds"
last-modified-by "admin UI 08/02/2019 09:24:42"

I have also looked at the CLIGuide here - 


and tried some of the options there but it still fails at the 'current-config' part of the command.

Any assistance would be really appreciated!!

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