I have a folder with many subfolders in it. Each of these subfolders may or may not contain a file named "George.txt".

This command (in a batch file)

for /d %%A in (*) do @if not exist "%%~fA\George.txt*" echo %%~fA

finds all the subfolders where "George.txt" doesn't exist and outputs a list in the cmd window like this:


Now I also need to know the total number of subfolders where "George.txt" doesn't exist. Either by appending numbers to each line:

1. D:\Folder\S1
2. D:\Folder\S5
3. D:\Folder\S11

or displaying a total at the end of the list, I have no preference:

Total: 3

Is something like this possible natively? I'm using Win 7 Ultimate x64.

  • How about counting the output lines? See superuser.com/a/959037/263 Specificallyfind /c can count output lines. – nik Aug 3 at 10:14
  • Sounds good, but how to incorporate it to the command? All I manage to get is "1", "1", "1" every line. – stoyian0v Aug 3 at 10:31

You may try something like this

set /a nCount=0
for /d %%A in (*) do (
  @if not exist "%%~fA\George.txt*" (
    set /a nCount+=1
    echo %%~fA
echo Total %nCount% folder(s) found
  • Great, thank you! – stoyian0v Aug 3 at 20:05

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