Hi I'm in a game that I can't crotch without having to hold down C key.

I just want to know if there is a script that allows you to do it like if I hold down C key for sec it keeps holding it until I use C key again to release it.

I try a lot of combination, but as soon as I start the script it's just spam C key and stop after the loop number I gave it which is not what I want.

If its not possible to do it like that I would go like this if I push C and up arrow key it holds C until I push C and down arrow.

Can anyone please give me the script?
Thanks a lot.

  • Your post is almost impossible to read. Please divide it into paragraphs, as at the moment it's one long sentence. Add also your attempted script so we can see what you have tried. – harrymc Aug 3 at 15:12

If you can stand to have toggle keys other than C or + C/ + C, then the following .ahk script might work for you:

ex. Using F1 and F2 to toggle C (Crouch):

        If GetKeyState("F2" , "P")
        Send c
        Sleep 100

Note that Sleep A) isn't required and B) will necessitate F2 to be held longer to break the loop at higher values (e.g. Sleep 1000).

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