I built a "new" computer using my old i5-4590K processor (socket 1150). The motherboard is Asus H81M-K, new board , with 4 sata ports (2xSATA6GB + 2xSATA3GB). I have assembled my own computers since year 2000, also I am not an expert.

All was working fine for 24 hrs with the following components:

  • 2 corsair XMS3 DDR3 1600MHz 8Go RAM = 16 Go
  • i5 4590K (not overclocked)
  • asus nvidia 1050Ti 4GB
  • coolermaster 450W PSU
  • SSD Samsung EVO 840 512Go (on SATA-6GB port 1)
  • DVD-Bluray player LG (on SATA-3GB port 1)

Then after turning off, unplugging power, I connected:

  • HDD Western digital caviar blue 1TB on sata-6GB port2 - drive almost new.
  • HDD Western digital caviar green 2TB on sata-3GB port2 - drive used for backup only.


  • the computer didn't start, just the green led on the motherboard apppears. No fan, no noise.
  • If I remove the two hard-drives, same thing.
  • I tested another PSU: a new cougar 600W VTE600 PSU. Same problem. I tested the old PSU connecting green wire with ground and the PSU working fine too. So, it's not a PSU problem.
  • I made a clear CMOS and removed/put the battery in place. The battery has 3.1V.
  • I removed all components (graphic card, use only one RAM module, removed all drives), same thing.
  • I put the motherboard outside of the case on an insulating material, only with CPU, cooler and RAM. I bridged the startup pin with a screwdriver, nothing start or move. Only the green light on the motherboard is on.
  • I tested both hard drives with an external dock on my laptop and they work normal.

Any idea? dead motherboard upon connecting sata drives? how is it possible?

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    It's possible that a SATA port went bad and took out the motherboard. – harrymc Aug 3 '19 at 14:49
  • I think something similar happened, one of the SATA port DOA? I will try to get the warranty working with the retailer and let you know... – Vinlar Aug 3 '19 at 14:55

Motherboard is dead. I made test with another new motherboard out of the case with CPU, cooler and RAM: the fans start but no POST... Better to spend 400 bucks for an upgrade (MB, CPU, RAM) to 9th gen!

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