I tried to use the "sound Recorder" which comes with windows 7, as follow:- enter image description here

but when i did a test >> where i click on "Start Recording" >> i did a test speech >> click on "Stop Recording" >> where a .mp3 file was saved >> but when i open the .mp3 file, i could not hear anything, only a confusion voice. but i think my HP laptop should already have a built-in microphone. as when i checked the sound inside my control panel, i get this:- enter image description here

and when i click on its properties, i got this:- enter image description here

so can anyone advice on this ? why i am unable to record my voice?

  • Depending on the driver for your sound card/chip it may not allow it. If you do not have "stereo mix" on the recording tab then you cannot do what you want without 3rd party software. – Moab Aug 5 '19 at 1:37
  • @Moab now if i add an external microphone, i can record the voice, but without external mic i can not.. although my laptop already have a built-in mic... or this can not be used for recording? – test test Aug 5 '19 at 12:30
  • evidently it cannot, the sound driver cannot capture the stream, external mic is different i guess. Every time I get a newer laptop and it wont record live streams from the internet is because of the sound driver missing stereo mix. Sometimes you can find a driver for it that does, sometimes not. – Moab Aug 5 '19 at 14:28

I think recording from mic be it ext/internal doesn't required stereo mix at all. Stereo mix enables you to record your audio output. which requires OEM driver. With Microsoft hd audio driver you won't find audio mix but voice recording via mic and playback should work.

Please try listen to this device in the property of your default recording device if you can hear yourself. Enable it > Apply > Test mic > Can you hear the output in speaker/Headphone ?enter image description here

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