I just got a cd reader/write for some blank cds i found. everytime I insert a cd it creates a new cd tag in my files manager as if i inserted a new cd. it will happen even if I insert the same cd. I have yet to find a way to delete/remove them. restarting my pc does nothing. unmounting them does nothing. here is an image of what it looks like.shows what i am describing which I am doing a poor job of explaining.

if i open the file manager in root i dont see any of the cds on the side.

  • Welcome to Super User. Please add more information to help us help you. What file manager is this about? Nautilus? What version of the manager? What version of the OS? Is your question "how to remove?" or "how to prevent?" or "why does this happen?" or "will this happen in Dolphin?" or what?. Please edit the question and be specific. – Kamil Maciorowski Aug 5 at 5:23

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