According to Microsoft, the logs include a variable called cs-method which represents the method that is taking place during a ftp session call.

I found a reference for a bunch of these methods used in ftp by checking the list of supported commands using this technique.

However I was able to find some more methods such as, ControlChannelOpened, ControlChannelClosed, DataChannelOpened & DataChannelClosed in the log files.

What are the list of methods available in IIS ftp logging? TIA.

  • I don't believe there is documentation for all these methods. – harrymc Aug 5 at 10:56
  • Well, are there any more methods than these? – kowsikbabu Aug 6 at 6:49
  • Some of these are not really methods but internal actions of IIS. – harrymc Aug 6 at 7:45
  • Yes, I understand that, are there any other possible values, that I could get in the log files? – kowsikbabu Aug 6 at 7:47

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