I don't remember how I install it but I have tried to uninstall vscode by typing:

sudo apt-get purge code

and shows up the following line:

"Package 'code' is not installed, so not removed"

I cannot find the vscode in software center, so I can't uninstall it through the center. I've also tried:

umake ide visual-studio-code --remove

but it says it's not installed too.

The problem is, when I hit the win button and search code, the icon for code appears! And I can just run it fine, except that some extensions need reload(and after I reload the program, it still shows that need reload). If I install it and it appears that two icon for vscode will show up in the result of searching for "code" like the picture shows below. two icon show up

If I uninstall it after I install, it turn back to the former status, the icon still appear and the software work just fine.

Now I want to completely uninstall the vscode to get it clear. What should I do?


VS code is typically installed as a snap. Since it's clearly not installed using apt, you should be able to remove it with sudo snap remove vscode

  • Thank you for helping me! I tried the snap way but it still shows that it's not installed.TAT – Edge51 Aug 10 at 8:36

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