My desktop environment/window manager (XFCE) in Debian has sadly, suddenly started asking me if I'm sure I want to copy/paste into my terminal.

Yes. I'm sure, always.

How do I disable this fantastical technology, with XFCE specifically? Debian 9.9, if it matters.


This is new "feature" of xfce4-terminal.

Go to Edit > Preferences > General tab and uncheck "Show unsafe paste dialog".

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    It looks like the unsafe past dialog was just implemented in Xfce Terminal v0.8.8, which was very recently released. – fixer1234 Aug 9 '19 at 1:09
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    Well, I hope it got the "retarded feature of the year" award. – AlphaCentauri Aug 16 '19 at 2:10

Another answer here explains how to handle this issue through the GUI. However, if you need to do it in a script or from the terminal itself:

echo "MiscShowUnsafePasteDialog=FALSE" | sudo tee -a /etc/xdg/xdg-backbox/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc
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    Your approach changes the system-wide settings. Perhaps it would be better to show how to change the setting within the user's account (like the other answer does, but through the GUI) – roaima Dec 2 '20 at 14:05
  • I tried the user-specific location in a test machine: /home/%USER/.config/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc with mixed results. – bfbcPing Dec 2 '20 at 14:28
  • Mixed results maybe because %USER isn't a valid value? You could try sed -i '/^MiscShowUnsafePasteDialog/s/=.*/=FALSE/' "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-$HOME/.config}/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc", which will update the MiscShowUnsafePasteDialog value. Unfortunately it won't create it if the entry is missing, and I don't have a copy of the terminalrc with which I can test a foolproof suggestion – roaima Dec 2 '20 at 15:02
  • I mistyped the % instead of $. The issue is that the terminalrc doesn't seem to be copied to the user's profile automatically. I think it is generated when there are changes made in the GUI. I haven't been able to test just copying the /etc/xdg/xdg-backbox/xfce4/terminal/terminalrc to the profile location and making changes there. For my purposes, a global change is acceptable, and it took forever to come up with this solution. I figured I'd put it here for the next person googling to try and find the answer. – bfbcPing Dec 2 '20 at 15:13
  • Sounds good to me. Thank you! – roaima Dec 2 '20 at 15:42

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