I did a backup in windows 10 using the "Backup and Restore (Windows 7) tool, and in it I did an entire backup of my entire user, which was named "Kao" However, the catch is that my backup drive already had a folder with the same name.

The backup file was too large, (about 72gb) and I didn't have enough space. So I just ended up cancelling the operation. However, I am left with my actual folder turned into a "backup" file, while it still has the original contents of the real initial folder, as seen here.

Trying to open it by double clicking, I get options to restore the backup as seen here.

Copying the folder to another location would show that it's copying the files inside of the original folder, and even manually typing out the location in explorer would work. as seen in here and here

How can I remove the flag so that this is recognized as an actual folder and not a backup? Or should I just copy it back to a different folder?

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