I am trying to cut and insert multiple rows in excel. Below is the error message that I am getting.

The command you chose cannot be performed with multiple selections. Select a single range and click the command again. 

I don’t want to cut and insert paste rows one by one, I would prefer to do this by doing this with multiple rows at once. How can I do this? (Test Data and screenshots below). I am unable to post screenshots at this time, my reputation on this website does not yet grant me these privileges.


This error would not occur (as far as I know) when you are actually selecting whole rows to cut/paste. Are you sure you are making use of the Ctrl and Shift keys when select these rows.

However it would occur if you try to cut/paste:

1) Portions of multiple rows that don't fall within the same column range.

2) Portions of multiple columns that don't fall within the same row range.

3) A combination of rows and columns

Working examples:

enter image description here

Failing examples:

enter image description here

More information on this error and how to prevent it, right here


I figured it out. In the test data in excel,

1.I copied all the cells populated in the rows but not the entire rows. 
2.Then I right clicked and hit cut, then at the left I right clicked 
3. hit insert cut cells. 

It seems like in excel you can only cut and insert paste one row at once.

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