I am trying to copy the text (G1 RADAR) from the website opened through IE browser and paste this into an pre-specified excel cell, but unable to do so . can anyone help me out.

<span style="left: -5px; top: 4.5px; position: relative;" orafield="existingDevice" oraType="lookup:QQ_LKP" oraErrorElement="existingDevice">G1 RADAR</span>

Through Following code I am trying to implement copy the text from IE , by which I am failing to do so :-

    Dim aDD As String
    aDD = objElement1.getElementsByTagName("span")(80).innerText
    MsgBox aDD

Can someone guide me on how to approach this.

*Note: There are many tags starting with 'span' ,but its not detecting the span tag with the desired text.

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