Before you start, you should know that I am French, so please excuse me for my English which may be bad.

As you saw in the title, I have a particular request. I would like to assign a mouse move to an x;y position on my screen and then a left click (all in the same action) to a key on my keyboard. I need to be able to disable/enable this script when I start my game session and when I stop it. I have to do this for a total of 7 keys: the keys from 1 to 7.

I don't know anything about this field but I know how to use software correctly if I am given the right procedure. I don't know if what I'm asking you is extremely difficult, I've already been looking for 2 hours for software that could allow me to do this I haven't found anything except this one: https://www.supermacro.fr/UK/index.php

I tried it from this software but unfortunately, I can't do it. Maybe there are programs that allow me to do what I ask for and that I haven't found, it's very likely.

I hope you can help me, cordially.

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    You listed autohotkey as a tag. AHK is capable of the task you mentioned, did you try it? – Keltari Aug 9 at 17:49

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