I put together a PC with the following components:

asrock x570 pro4
ryzen 5 3600
2x8gb ddr4  corssair 3000mhz ram
1nvme ssd (removed as it may not compatible)
1 micron ssd
500W gold certified power supply

when I power on I get no activity on display.

tried so far:

  • reseating ram
  • booting with 1 stick
  • hdmi port on mobo
  • display port on mobo
  • usb stick plugged into usb on mobo and also front panel usb with win10 tool

then removing gpu altogether and repeated the above

  • reseat cpu
  • reset cmos via jumper cap

Is there anything else I can check or try?


I had a similar issue, but it only happened when I added a second GPU. I updated the BIOS firmware to th latest P1.40 & it solved my issues.

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