On VOIP phone call, using Zoiper software on computer (Windows 10), I am trying to record the entire phone call conversation but the problem is that Audacity, regardless if incoming ( * ) or outgoing ( ** ) phone call, records only my speech where I am speaking into the microphone. Incoming voice, from the person on the other side, is not being recorded and/or recording volume is zero.

If I listen EXTREMELY carefully then I hear very very very quiet voice from the other side into the recorded (exported) file as mp3 so I believe the problem is that recording of the other side of phone call is basically zero or almost zero volume. I don't know how to increase the volume? But volume of my own speech on recorded phone calls is good.

( * ) i receive the phone call when someone else calls me

( ** ) i am the one who executes the phone call and call someone else

Would anyone please help? I must have entire phone call recorded and not only my own speech.

  • You may want to try different sound devices in Audacity and see if one of those makes a difference. – Anaksunaman Aug 14 at 2:31

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