I am trying to create a bash script to check and generate report on CIS Benchmark for RHEL7 v2.1.0. I am getting some issue while handling variable in 'if' condition. Here is my script:-

[root@test ~]# cat test.sh
echo $(date) > ./report
echo $(date) > ./passed
echo $(date) > ./failed

echo -e "\n1.1.1.1\t Ensure mounting of cramfs filesystems is disabled" >> ./report
CMD='modprobe -n -v cramfs'
OPUT="install /bin/true"
if [ "$RPUT" == "$OPUT" ]
        echo -e "\nPASSED" >> ./report
        echo -e "$PROB" >> ./passed
        echo -e "\nFAILED" >> ./report
        echo -e "$PROB" >> ./failed
echo -e "Your Output:\n $RPUT \nRequired Output:\n $OPUT " >> ./report
[root@test ~]#
[root@test ~]# ./test.sh
[root@test ~]#
[root@test ~]# cat report
Mon Aug 12 11:56:19 IST 2019  Ensure mounting of cramfs filesystems is disabled

Your Output:
 install /bin/true
Required Output:
 install /bin/true
[root@test ~]#

Both the output are same but still the check is failing.


I put declare -p RPUT OPUT before the if statement which printed out put:

declare -- RPUT="install /bin/true "
declare -- OPUT="install /bin/true"

Now that extra space was creating problem so I added a space in OPUT variable. It resolved the problem.

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