I want stay on current tab, like when I use Gleam on IE. Has Chrome not added option to disable automatic switching to new tab? Are the forum posts under correct? This Reddit post no help.

How can I stop Chrome from auto switching to new tabs? : chrome

Unfortunately, middle click, right click + open new tab, and Ctrl-click don't always work - if the link also triggers something on the site or the site restricts alternate clicks then; middle, right, and Ctrl-clicks don't work.

[Chrome] How do I stop Chrome from auto switching to new tabs? - Programs, Apps and Websites - Linus Tech Tips

Posted June 3, 2018

Gleam is one main site that springs to mind - middle and right clicking are disabled.

How to disable auto-switching to the next tab ? | Vivaldi Forum

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@Deranox: You can't right now. Rather, use one of the other options to open a background tab. 1) select "open link in new background tab" from the context menu (second choice), 2) use middle-click on the link with your mouse; 3) use Ctrl+leftclick on the link with your mouse, 4) designate a mouse gesture to open a background tab when you perform it over a link.


The Force Background Tab extension will allow all links opened in new tabs to load in the background (not switch to it and make it active). Force Background Tab GitHub page


Normally, each click on a link that wants to open a new tab will ACTIVATE THE NEW TAB. Now, after installing this extension, the new tab will be RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND.

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