Maybe you know Pycharm, it is a piece of software for python programming. I am at level 1 in programming. So, I have a project in mind, it is with Manim, a software of Grant Sanderson of 1blue3brown youtube channel.

Well, this is the problem. For execute the project, the manim piece for render the video, it is:

C:\manim> python -m manim file_with_my_project_scenes.py scene -pl

this code is, for rendering the animation video.

So I wanna work in pycharm, because i want to learn more about. But I don´t know how to run it with these parameters or if it is possible even.

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I do it in pycharm like this:

from manimlib.imports import *

class Example_Scene(Scene):
    def construct(self):
        dot = Dot()

if __name__ == "__main__":
    module_name = os.path.basename(__file__)
    command_A = "manim -p  -s -c  --video_dir ~/Downloads/  "
    command_B = module_name +" " +"Example_Scene"
    os.system(command_A + command_B)

Example_Scene is an easy minimal Scene. command_A gives you all the options, like -p for preview, -l for low quality, etc... and command_B looks for your file and for your scene. Good luck!

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