I'm trying to achieve this:

If Cell N2 contains a number (say 12), I want to add 12 columns after column EN with the formatting from column EN.

There is a formula in cell EN3 which is =IF(EN5>'Tender Summary'!$E$20,0,EM3+7), I want the new columns to contain the same formula, however, the cell references need to be relative to the new column. (i.e. the formula in column EO to read =IF(EO$5>'Tender Summary'!$E$20,0,EN$3+7)

The following formula are also within column EN:

  • In Cell EN5: =EM5+1
  • In Cell EN33: =SUM(EN6:EN32)

Both of these formula also need to be relative to the new columns inserted.

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  • How exactly it doesn't work? Also your description says "copy formula", but your code just inserts a formula independently from what's in the other range. Please fix it. – Máté Juhász Aug 13 at 8:55
  • @Gus,, I think you need to Edit the post and include necessary infos along with Sample data, help us to fix the issue. – Rajesh S Aug 13 at 9:12
  • @Gus,, you mess with all as far my knowledge while copy relative reference could never to absolute,, while drag Row or Column reference may change depends of the basic structure of the Formula, what you are trying is simply re-write the formula!! – Rajesh S Aug 13 at 9:59

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