I have MS Excel spreadsheet with lots of tabs and 1 tab with workbook connections linking to other spreadsheet. It was working fine and after I have done the update, this message error appears:

This operation is not allowed. The operation is attempting to shift cells in a table on your worksheet.

Once I press ok, this error message appears:

Cannot complete oreation: A table cannot overlap  with a PivotTable report, query results, a table, merged cells, or an XML mapping.
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    The error message is quite informative. What you've tried to solve the problem? Maybe you need to split tables to separate sheets. Maybe just insert extra rows /columns before request. Or organise the tables in a different way (e.g. Next to each other instead of below each other or the other way). Based on the information you've shared it isn't possible to give more specific advice. – Máté Juhász Aug 13 at 17:20
  • Hiya, it's fixed now. Thanks a lot for the tips. – periukera 2 days ago
  • Great you could solve it! Maybe you can post your solution as answer, so others can learn from it too. – Máté Juhász 2 days ago

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