Working with a very large preexisting CMake project. The project has 38000 files in it with 274 CMakeList.txt files. What I am experiencing is the failure to build and subsequent failure to load the project. When I tried to import the project I used "New Cmake Project from sources". If anyone with experience with such large CMake projects using Clion could provide a best way forward that would be very helpful. Should I have used "Open" instead when I imported the project? I have searched through the internet and what it seems to come down to is a reworking of the CMake files. These were developed with CMake 3.5.1, Clion is using 3.14 and I successfully built it to a docker image on the host laptop just using a build.sh script which is also the laptop I am trying to import it to Clion. Any guidance would be welcome.

Some of the issues I have seen are the "Too many arguments to linker" issue which I used CMake response files to get past. Header files when enclosed in <> brackets were not being found. Would like to hear what the best way to proceed would be to the import question first just to make sure I'm not off on the wrong foot to begin with.

  • To be clear need to import this project into Jetbrains CLion. – Mogar Aug 13 at 20:43

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