VERSION: clonezilla-live-2.6.2-15-amd64.zip

I am unable to get Clonezilla to show my desired target disk in the list of potential targets for an partition image restore operation. Clonezilla does not show me the desired target disk in the list of potential restore targets. It only shows the other 2 hard disks in the system that are already partitioned and formatted.

At first I thought it might be because the target disk was uninitialized, so I added a primary partition with gparted. But that didn't help. Note, I do see the target disk during the scan Clonezilla does for the partition image directory, the one you have to use Ctrl-C to get out of to continue the restore process. So I know that Clonezilla is aware of the disk. However, Clonezilla refuses to show the disk in the list of target directories when it asks me to select the destination for during the restore partition process.

How can I get Clonezilla to recognize the desired disk as a target so I can select it and execute the restore from a partition image file?

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