I'm running Windows 10 1903, the problem appeared after installing update KB4507453

  • The Windows Audio service wouldn't start, I solved the problem by changing the "log on as:" from user to local system account. Windows reports no error anymore but no sound coming out of my speakers (SPDIF)

  • The problem is not driver related, I reinstalled the drivers, downgraded to an older version and upgraded to the newest WHQL drivers, Windows reported no errors.

  • I tested my audio with Adobe Audition where audio is played by the [ASIO] library instead of the Windows [MME] system, the audio works perfect!

  • I installed the ASIO4all plugin in Winamp and also here audio plays perfectly.

  • So the problem lies on the Windows MME or WASAPI system (don't know what is actually used by Windows programs), in Audition the MME system reports: "The default output device is not responding and may be disconnected..."

  • In the Windows Sound configuration applet the in- and output devices appear as usual but no sound is detected in the microphone or no sound is outputted in the playback device when I play audio trough a DirectSound output (a normal Windows program).

  • When I try to play a test tone in the Advanced tab of the Windows Sound configuration applet I get an error dialog that says: "Failed to play test tone".

  • I tried uninstalling the update that caused the problem but without result. Reinstalling it also gave no result.

  • My previous Windows Image is from one month ago so I would prefer to solve the problem instead of reverting to the one month old image.

Are there any things I can do to investigate or solve my problem. Reinstalling Windows is no option for me as my Windows is highly customised in many many years.

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