I'm using Terminal.app, and I'd like to use emacs running inside - either locally, or after sshing to remote server. Problem is, I can't get working Meta modifier.

Namely, if I enable 'Use option as meta key', Option key works like proper Meta, but I lose ability to enter Polish diacritics (ąęłóśźńżć), that are entered with right Option.

If I disable 'Use option as meta key', my Meta is gone, but I can again use Polish characters. In this state they appear only with right Option modifier, so I guess it's Terminal.app's fault that it doesn't make a difference between left and right Option key, when the relevant preference is selected.

What are my options then? Is there a good solution for my problem? I can always use ESC as a poor man's Meta replacement, but I don't like that idea.


EDIT: iTerm got two major versions since my patch, and this functionality is now built in.

OK, I got annoyed enough and wrote an iTerm patch, that allows me to do what I want: left Option is Meta, right Option is national characters modifier. You can find the patch, binary and the rest of the story here

  • Your link doesn’t appear to work any more. :( – Ollie Saunders Aug 17 '11 at 23:02
  • Ah, I see this feature is in the latest version. Shweeet. :) – Ollie Saunders Aug 17 '11 at 23:05

You might be better remapping the ever-useless capslock to meta? Fairly standard redo for *nix versions of emacs, but you will have to do an iTerm patch, probably.

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    Capslock is already Control :) – yacoob Jun 14 '10 at 9:05

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