I want to mention that the web application is working and is live and everything is working. But I have some job-colleagues from other country and when they try to click on that button (after clicking the button, a xls file should be downloaded), the page just goes white. I connected to their PCs remotely and tried to clear cache/cookies/histories, use other browsers but the problem was still there (after clicking the button, the page just goes white). I used Chrome DevTools and there was no error, all the requests had the status code : 200.

Can someone give me an ideea of how to find the problem ?

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    If they are behind a corporate firewall then it could be blocking the download. Same for antivirus or endpoint protection software on the machine itself. Have you tried using wget or curl or an alternative to download the file directly? – Mokubai Aug 14 '19 at 9:03

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