i am experiencing a fundamental problem with double brakcets and double dollar signs in ec2 linux instances when the startup script is executed by AWS auto scaling group.

below is the error:

-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

below is the code


total_ram=`free -g | awk 'FNR > 1 && FNR < 3 {print $2}'`
# if it's an odd value add one
if [ $$((total_ram%2)) -ne 0 ]; then total_ram=$$((total_ram+1)) ; fi
# divide by two
#  half_ram=$((total_ram / 2))

sed "s,Xms.*,Xms$$((half_ram+0))g,g" -i /Users/rrapolu/ProjectDocs/shell/jvm.options
sed "s,Xmx.*,Xmx$$((half_ram+0))g,g" -i /Users/rrapolu/ProjectDocs/shell/jvm.options

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  • Use 1 dollar sign $ instead of 2 – oliv Aug 14 at 11:57
  • Thanks Oliv, yeah i tried with a single $ after i raised the case, it worked.Thanks once again for your quick response. – RamRapolu Aug 14 at 14:22

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