I am working on testing java code (Apache commons net FTPClient) for fault tolerance to Windows 7 IIS FTP server. I need something that making Windows 7 IIS FTP server unavailable at random time by various reason.

So far for fault tolerance testing I created windows batch file that restarting Windows 7 IIS FTP server after random period of time.

@echo off
SET /A rn=%RANDOM% * 10 / 32768 + 1
echo %rn%
ping -n %rn%
goto loop

I feel like it's not really a good test that is covering only the FTP server restart and not covering other various reason when FTP may be unavailable.

Is there a better option for making Windows 7 IIS FTP server unavailable randomly by various reasons?


I would create a Batch file that stops the FTP service (net stop "") and a batch file that starts the service (net start""). Call them randomly using task scheduler. See screenshot enter image description here

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