We are upgrading an MS Analysis Services cube from SQL Server 2008 to 2012 (I know, I know...wish we moving to the latest-and-greatest!). We have 100+ fairly complex spreadsheets that read from the cube.

When I change the cube data source from the old to the new, the pivot table is refreshed from the new cube, but many filter, column, row, and value definitions are erased.

Here is an original spreadsheet with filters, columns, etc

Here is the reduced spreadsheet after changing the data source

To change the data source, I tried using the Analyze / Change Data Source dialog and pointing to a new file like this post. I also tried directly editing the data source connection properties, since the only changes are the "Data Source" server and "Catalog" database -- the cubes are exactly the same.

It will be a royal pain to recreate those 100+ spreadsheet pivot tables. Has anybody got any ideas? Thanks!

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