My GMail account is pretty old and now consumes about 10gb of space, mainly from tons of pictures over the years. Does anyone know a way to 1) save the original attachments to my hard drive and 2) compress the attachments in place to free up space on my email account? I would like to keep the emails and attachments, just compress them to more manageable sizes.

I'm thinking that an outlook (i.e. office outlook) vba script is probably the way to go, but it would be nice if there's a tool out the already.

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    You can certainly save the attachments to your local drive, but it would need to be done for each e-mail in succession, though it might be possible to use an automation tool like Selenium to do this without manually saving each in turn. As for improving compression, you would be able to do this only by reducing the image quality (pixel dimensions or compression quality). – AFH 2 days ago
  • Is there an automated process to improve the compression for all attachments? – BobtheMagicMoose 2 days ago
  • An alternative approach would be to use a local e-mail client to save all your e-mails on your local machine, then delete them from Gmail, but do this only if you have a robust back-up strategy in place. – AFH 2 days ago
  • Improve them how? Your only option is to reduce the image quality. I'm sure a VBA script could do what you want, but it's some time since I stopped using Outlook, so I wouldn't be able to advise on recent releases. – AFH 2 days ago
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    You may find more answers at the site specifically for web apps, webapps.stackexchange.com – K7AAY 2 days ago