I have a true pdf, +1000 pages long, written in two columns because when copy and pasting text, before reaching the bottom of one column, the cursor jumps indiscriminately in a haphazard fashion to the next column.

I'd like to use some software to visually detect where the split of the columns is and automatically split it into two pdfs.

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    This is most likely off-topic for Super User. Consider whether it might be better formulated and asked in Software Recommendations. – Jeff Zeitlin 2 days ago
  • Do you do powershell? – Walter Mitty 2 days ago
  • @WalterMitty I am afraid it's the first time I hear about it – user580054 2 days ago
  • Ok, never mind. It was just on the off chance. It would be a long learning curve. Hope you get a good answer. – Walter Mitty 2 days ago

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