We have a internal website that we use every day. Today, I created a new Windows profile on my PC due to some issues I was having. I later noticed that I was getting javascript errors on the site mentioned above. I had other users test and they do not get the errors. I confirmed they are all running the same version of Chrome I am (76.0.3809.100).

After doing some troubleshooting, I have narrowed it down to the following code.


On my machine, that returns null. On a working machine, it returns a proper WebGLRenderingContext as expected.

What could possibly be causing this? My first thought was a Chrome extension, but I tested in Incognito mode and got the same result. I also wondered about a Chrome experimental flag, but again, this is a fresh Windows profile. It should be all default Chrome settings.


I looked through chrome:flags anyway and saw Accelerated 2D canvas was enabled. I disabled it and restarted Chrome and the error no longer occurs.

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