This computer has been sitting for well over 15 years, just installed a new CMOS battery after getting hard disk controller error. As far as it seems, that issue is no more.

Now the problem is "Diskette Error" which leaves me clueless because the only thing connected physically, or enabled on the BIOS, is the hard drive. Again, just to be clear; All disk drives are set to "Not Installed" in the BIOS. Everything is unplugged, except for the power connector from PSU to HDD, and the ribbon that runs from controller card to HDD.

I have tweaked almost every setting in the BIOS - related to drives or not - and it still remains. This is my first go with a computer this old, so maybe there's something I'm not realizing. I ask anyone for help, please. I have pictures of all BIOS screens as well, can post if requested.

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    Your machine expects a disk to boot from, if all disks are disconnected, that would be the source of your error. – Ramhound 2 days ago
  • Yes, but as I said, the hard drive is still connected. So either it is dead, misconfigured (99% sure I got that right), or there just isn't an OS on it. It was a family computer when it was new, so there has to be an OS on it. I was beginning to think, even before posting, that the hard drive could be dead. Thoughts? – Gavin 2 days ago
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    You set all the drives were configured to "not installed". All I know is the error is due to their not being anything to do after system performs it's power on self test (apparently based on the error). We can't determine from the information if the HDD is dead or has an OS. – Ramhound 2 days ago
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    Does the disk drive make a noise during power-on? Every disk drive does this to prove that it is working. Do you have a bootable MSDOS disk to test it with? Don't disable items in the bios, enable them. Once you get past the disk drive then you may get boot from HDD – JohnnyVegas 2 days ago

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