I moved my old notebook via Disk2vhd to a virtual Disk. The old Notebook has a c: (System) and a d: (Data) Disk. In Disk2vhd I only select c: Drive. On the new Notebook, is the same Disk-Layout. I directly copy the old Data-d: to d: on the new Notebook. Then I generate a new virtual machine on the new notebook using the vhd created from c:.

I then want to access the hosts d: in the VM directly. As I learned the hard way, d: could not be a net-share because a lot of Programms on (virtual) c: shows errors or dont start if hosts d: is connected as net-share (assigned letter d:).

An other way I try, is to use "enhanced session". The content of host d: drive is visible/usable in the VMs Explorer below Desktop. But it seems not to be possible, to assign a drive letter (d:) to it, so the programms still cant access d:. Is there a way to give the link in the explorer the drive letter d: or an other way to use d: directly (not as physical disk, because the host also accesses d:)? Thank you

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You can convert your "D" with other converter to a sepearate vhd(x) file. Here are the article with V2V converters overview - http://www.vmwareblog.org/v2v-converters-overview/

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