I find PivotTable drill-down sheets are displaying excess data, and I want to see only the appropriate records that match the cells that I've double-clicked.

My Situation

I've got an Excel PivotTable summing up data from a worksheet full of zeroes and ones, having OrganizationName1...OrganizationNameY as the row headings and various PersonnelCircumstance1...PersonnelCircumstanceX as the column headings--and I've determined that when double-clicking, say, the cell housing the sum for OrganizationNameY, PersonnelCircumstanceX in my Excel PivotTable I get a drill down sheet that displays all the records for OrganizationNameY regardless of whether PersonnelCircumstanceX has a 1 or 0. I only want the 1s! If the PivotTable shows that there were only 4 people in OrganizationNameY that actually had a 1 for PersonnelCircumstanceX, and I go and double-click that 4, then my resulting drill-down sheet ought to show those 4 records only--not all the personnel belonging to OrganizationNameY! And all the personnel is what I'm getting, regardless of whether they truly have a 1 in the PersonnelCircumstanceY column. This is not good.

How can I get my PivotTable to hone in on just the data that I expected the drill-down sheets to show?

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