I'm trying to increase the page speed of my site and I'm hitting an error when I enable GZIP compression on my CSS/JS files. (see screenshot below)

I've also attached an image of how I'm enabling the GZIP compression.

It seems like all the styles are being stripped because it's not loading the css/js files? Unsure where to go from here. I've reverted all files to its original state and removed the 'Content-Encoding: gzip' row from the S3 options.

Error message inside Chrome console

How I've been enabling GZIP compression inside S3

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    You are not enabling Gzip compression. All you are doing is adding random metadata. Just stating an object is “Gzip compressed” doesn’t make it Gzip compressed. – JakeGould 2 days ago
  • Got it. Thanks for the tip. – aujus 2 days ago

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