VBA excel -- When a VBAProject is clicked or double-clicked, it will trigger a macro. <<<< Is there any way to do that? How to determine if my VBAProject is clicked or double-clicked? A user could open the VB Editor to click on other VBA projects, ok fine... but when the user clicks or double-clicks on my VBAProject, it will trigger a macro <<< Possible to do this? How? Thank you in advance.


Any macro could never be triggered by Click the VABProject.

Sheet, Code, Workbook, User Form and Class are the possible modules to RUN the macro.

Click event can be used as,

  • Worksheet Click
  • Cell Click
  • Command Button Click
  • Sheet TAB Click

To automate the macro you may think for,

  • Workbook/Sheet/User Form, Load Event.
  • Auto Open Event when Excel starts.
  • RUN macro without load the Excel using VB Script file.
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    Glad to help you @SofiaEd, keep asking☺ – Rajesh S Aug 16 at 5:36
  • Thank you, Rajesh!! Sorry been busy, no time to reply, but your answers are always helpful. I learn something new from you every time. – SofiaEd 14 hours ago

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