Is there a way to install via exes on an XBOX one? I would like to install filezilla server. I have searched the app store and found no ftp servers. I have tried running the filezilla ftp server exe, but XBOX ONE says it cannot run exes. I have also googled this.

are there any solutions? I want to browse the xbox one for the minecraft app data folder, and upload skins I made. Its my understanding xbox one is a moded windows10. How can i make it work? how can I install the programs I want on XBOX one?


You can't. The XBox One is a gaming console, not a desktop computer -- it cannot run Windows applications.

While there are some architectural similarities between the console's operating system and Windows 10, these similarities are not relevant to you as an end user.

  • ms says its a derivative of windows 10, what does that mean? – j0h Aug 16 at 22:05
  • 1
    In practical terms, for you? Nothing. It's a statement about how the operating system was designed, not about how you can use it. – duskwuff Aug 17 at 2:33

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