Currently under the "People" tab at the top i have a person that i added by mistake the "x - DNU" person in the attached screenshot. Any idea how i can delete this "user / person" from from Chrome desktop.

(Note this is not to do with closing a google web account)

screenshot from chrome desktop


I'm not sure how this works for macOS.
Most probably this is how you would do it in an active chrome window -

  • +Shift+M (macOS) or Ctrl+Shift+M (others)
  • Select Manage People

Or launch chrome with the guest profile command line argument.

chrome --profile-directory="Guest Profile"

Then you should see a grid consisting of user accounts in your Chrome browser.

In this grid, tap the three vertical dot icon in the top right corner of the person image, and select Remove this Person.

The grid of user profiles looks something like this -
Chrome User Profile selection window

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