I want to print a document, I set it to grayscale (i.e no color just blank ink) and for some reason I can't print b/c my color ink cartidge is empty.

The blank ink cartridge is fine, why can't I print then?

The error on the printer says:

Check INK 

Uo51 COL

Because Canon wants you to buy colored ink.

This is the usual behavior for color inkjets.

  • Not with all models. I have no problems printing without color with older Canons. But, yes, in newer models ... – Rook May 31 '10 at 15:12


  1. Black is printed using black but also using a little of other colors at the same time
  2. The print head needs to be always be filled with ink, if you don't want to break it and make a damage that's is more expensive to fix it than buying a new printer

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