This is an issue I searched quite extensively on the web, but could not find an answer to. So probably it is not a known/common issue. I'm on Windows 7 (I could specify more about the system, if needed). When copying txt files (doesn't matter if within C: or to other drives, and it doesn't matter if they are large or small), the speed, which usually for other file types is several MB/s, slows down to sub MB/s. What could be the reason for such an odd behavior? Thank you!

  • I would start by running the Microsoft tool Process Monitor (include the system process from the filter, by default it is hidden). Also, if you perform the action from a command prompt is it quicker than Explorer.exe for example? – HelpingHand Aug 24 at 12:07
  • Try disabling your antivirus. – harrymc Aug 24 at 14:31
  • I tried to copy from command prompt, and I got the same speed. I tried also other copying programs, like Teracopy, and the result is the same. One thing that I just tried was to change the extension from .txt to something else (for example, I tried .ttt) and the speed was normal! So, in some way, it has to to with the extension .txt ... – Constance82 Aug 24 at 15:21
  • Just to be precise, the speed with the .txt extension was about 500kB/sec, while with .ttt it reached 50MB/sec – Constance82 Aug 24 at 15:29
  • Have you tried running Process Monitor with a path filter for .txt when running the test to see what other processes might be interested in the files? I would ensure that the system process is not filtered out. – HelpingHand Aug 25 at 9:34

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