For example, the original size is 800x800. I want to change it into 400x400, preserving only the upper left corner and discarding the data outside the new region. In mspaint I can do this via File->Properties, but I can't find a similar function within gimp.

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    You're looking for 'crop'. I've no idea where it is in Gimp. – Tetsujin Aug 25 at 11:06

From GIMP documentation 4.5. Crop An Image:

Use menu Tools > Transform Tools > Crop in the image window and enter in the dialog :

  • Position : 0 , 0
  • Size : 400 , 400

Double-click inside the selection rectangle or press Enter to complete cropping.

enter image description here

  • And if you want to go the other direction (make the image larger without upscaling it), it's "Image" > "Canvas Size". – Mark Aug 25 at 19:45

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