On both my Mac and Ubuntu when I type "la" in Fish Shell I receive output identical to that from "ls -la". I thought I might have defined it as a function. However, I can not find "la" being defined as a alias, abbr, or function.

I've checked .config/fish/functions, fish.prompt.fish, config.fish, which and the Fish Documentation and Commands.

What have I missed? Any thoughts on where "la" could be defined?


The type command is your friend for this type of question:

$ type la
la is a function with definition
# Defined in /usr/local/share/fish/functions/la.fish @ line 4
function la --description 'List contents of directory, including hidden files in directory using long format'
    ls -lah $argv

That tells me la is a standard function included with the fish distribution. Fish also includes a ll function that does ls -lh.

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