I have a headline in my document of level 3 and want the document hierarical numbered but it seems my level 3 headings do restart numbering at 1.1.1 and i have no clue why.

it looks like that:

1. blah
1.1 blub
1.2 blub
2. blah
2.1 blub
2.2 blub
1.1.1 blubb <- shouldnt this be 2.2.1 ?
3. blah

how can I correct this issue?


You need to right click on the affected paragraph, select Bullets and Numbering...

Ensure that you are using an Outline Numbered setting and that the Continue previous list option is selected.

enter image description here

If this is already set up correctly then click on the Customise button and ensure that the Number format box has grey highlighted numbers - this denotes that they are using a Previous level number setting

enter image description here

If you can't see any grey highlighted numbers then you can recreate it as follows:

  1. Delete all the text in the Number format box

  2. Select Level 1 from Previous level number drop down

  3. Type . (or whichever separator you wish)

  4. Select Level 2 from Previous level number drop down

  5. Type . (or whichever separator you wish)

  6. Select 3 from the Level list

  7. Select 1, 2, 3, ... from the Number style drop down

  8. Type . (or whichever trailing you wish)

  • Thank you for answering. The problem now is that the "restart numbering" and "continue previous list" radiobuttons are greyed out. – cody Jun 2 '10 at 10:43
  • @cody - the paragraph seems to have got completely lost from the numbering sequence. You could try going to the end of the previous numbered paragraph and carriage return to give you a new line (2.3 following your example) and then tab to indent one level to 2.2.1. Then copy/paste your paragraph to this new line. – Shevek Jun 2 '10 at 13:42

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