I have recently upgraded from "python 3.6.8" to "python 3.7.3" . I have also installed sublime text editor. When I open my laptop, it is booting fine ("LinuxMint19.2"). The problem is when I type my password to enter my computer and I am logging in to my Desktop, there is no GUI. There isn't a toolbar, a background image. It just shows me the desktop icons. When I open the "Computer" folder it doesn't have the (Close, Minimize) buttons. The C+Alt+T command to open Terminal doesn't work. I cannot open Terminal. I want to go back the time using timeshift, but because I can't open any program without GUI or Terminal, I can't open the timeshift program. I want to copy the date file I want to boot my pc to my usb. But I can't. It keeps showing me an error that I don't have the permission. What should I do?

Thank you

That's how it looks: enter image description here , enter image description here

  • Can you open a CLI login with Ctrl-Alt-F1? – ajgringo619 Aug 30 at 17:52
  • No, I can't. I need my laptop so I guess I'll try to save as many files as I can and then I'll format my disk. Thank you for your time :) – LinuxUserGuy Aug 31 at 14:30

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