I have a PC having Gigabyte motherboard with an integrated Intel graphics 2500, with only a VGA port. I have searched the Intel product specification site, but I couldn't find any resolution mentioned there. So, I asked this question here.
Will it support 1920×1080 resolution @ 60Hz over VGA ?


According to this user testimony, the maximum resolution of the Intel HD Graphics 2500 on VGA is 2048x1152, but I don't know about the 60Hz.

If you are on Windows 10, you may find this out by right-click on the desktop, select "Display settings", set your resolution under "Display resolution", then click "Advanced display settings" and see what Hz value is displayed next to "Refresh rate (Hz)".

  • Thanks a lot. Finally, I bought a full HD screen monitor and found that it worked even over VGA without any distortion or blur. – Puspam Adak Sep 5 at 17:18

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