I bought 3 old DVD drives that were used in servers 20 years ago.

When plugging one of them into a PCI card on my Windows PC :

  • It powers up
  • The BIOS of my PCI card says "Not a Disk Drive" which seems abnormal
  • When Windows boots successfully, I see the drive in Device Manager

However I face several issues :

  • the DVD drive makes a repetitive noise, like it is trying to read something
  • On boot, I often face Black screen of death (with white mouse)
  • I am able to boot on Safe Mode, but Windows lags. It stops lagging when the drive stops its repetitive noise (see above).

These problems happen with all 3 drives, so they are not hardware-faulty.

I think this is a firmware problem : how do I confirm this ? How could I see logs of errors happening between Windows and my drive to further diagnose ?



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